Client Friendly Manufacturing

Client Friendly Manufacturing greatly reduces that amount of stress and inconvenience the client experiences during the project period.   By utilizing the process of modular construction and a complete manufacturing facility, we are able to produce the entire project in our Aurora based Studio, deliver, then assemble and custom fit the project in your home.

  Although the piece may be custom designed for your room, there are many factors that can tarnish this feature.  We take an organic approach to our installation to ensure a custom fit.  This involves an on-the-site installation that assesses and deals with every issue from electrical outlets and re-wiring to crooked floors and walls and whatever comes along during the process.  Ideally, the custom fitting gives the appearance that the piece not only fits perfectly in your room, but is a part of  the surroundings.  It should look like its been there forever.

Because of the intricacies of this process, a typical build-in (approximately 20 feet in length), will take about 1-2 days to install.  But enough of what we will do.  After visiting the Shop and Budget links above have a look at the Furniture Gallery below and see for yourself what we have done.

Putting it all together