The Furniture Gallery

Welcome to the ever-growing Furniture Gallery.  Here you will find examples of the many  commissioned cabinets and furnishings produced at the Custom Wood Studio.   The "Home Theatres, & Wall Units" section is self explanatory as well as the "Kitchen & Bathroom" and "Offices at Home" sections, these are large scale projects in and around town.  The "Cabinet Works" section displays all projects that do not fall into the other categories such as, armoires, single bookcases, fireplaces, etc.    The "Period Reproductions" section deals with reproductions of historic works of furniture.  There are however, some items designed exclusively by the Custom Wood Studio.  Finally, the "Commercial Millwork" section features larger scaled projects fabricated for Industry.

As mentioned earlier, most of the projects you will see here are originals and conceived by the Custom Wood Studio.  These plans are proprietary and should not be displayed or reproduced without permission.  

To begin, simply select one of the icons from above this will display the individual pieces in the left window from here you can view their detailed pictures.   Have fun, hope you see something that inspires you.