Our Mission

At the Custom Wood Studio we have but one philosophy: "accept only custom work, make it astonishing, make it unique and do it at an investment the client is prepared to make"  

When we come into your home we will design the piece that YOU want: a piece that is tailored not only to your taste, but to the surroundings as well.  As we are a custom shop and not a production factory, our business relies solely on your recommendations.  In other words, our business depends on exceeding your expectations and inspiring amazement in you and all that enter your household.  I know this may sound eccentric, perhaps even improbable in an era of pure business; but the proof is in the pudding and our approach has been nothing short of successful.  "If our business relies on your amazement, then it continues to exist because we have amazed you."  

The final point of our mission is, unique.  In each and every job we undertake, we incorporate unique design elements and patterns.  This consists of borrowing and combining elements from the vast history of art, to the creation of completely unique designs that are found nowhere else in world.  Although custom is by definition unique, we always attempt to go beyond what simply "fits" in the dimensions of your room, to create a piece that is also custom and unique in its appearance. 

Through the consultation phase, to the design, fabrication and installation, we will do our utmost to provide you with an unbelievable product.   We endeavor to out do even your expectations.  You have my word on it.


Ronald Lorr
President & CEO
Custom Wood Studio


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