Each item produced by the  Custom Wood Studio is a one-of-a-kind, designed specifically for each individual client.  You have our word that we will not, under any circumstances, produce the same designs for others. 

The design process begins with an initial face-to-face design consultation with the client. During this meeting your specific requirements are determined and a general idea of style direction is acquired. It is important to consider what will be budgeted for the project (see Budget and Costing section below).  Armed with this information we will design your project and present wire-framed computer drawings for your approval.  Changes can be discussed at this point and with a 50% deposit,  the project can be slotted for creation.  If the client does not wish to place an order at the moment but wishes to keep the designs, the design may be purchased from the Custom Wood Studio.  Designs can range from $400.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the individual project. 

Computer generated "Wire-Frame" designs are presented to the client for approval.  Prior to this stage, wood species should have been agreed upon as they can, in some cases, make a difference in the design. 

"From the above drawing and a few  minor alterations along the way, The Custom Wood Studio has created an absolute treasure in our home." 

Tresa and Vince 

Woodbridge, Ontario 





What to consider and how to budget when commissioning a project through the Custom Wood Studio.


Wall Units and Home Theatres

Projects such as Wall Units and Home Theatres are primarily constructed to be placed against a wall.  The back side of the cabinets (un-exposed) are typically unfinished.  All exposed sides are finished.  This type of project can be estimated using a "linier foot calculation".  Linier foot calculations are simple measurement of  the total span of the wall unit or Home theatre along the wall.  

Figure 1 shows a linier foot measurement along a simple straight wall.  In this case we want to place the measuring tape across the entire length of the wall from one corner to the other.  The total distance from one corner of the room to the other is 12 feet; this is your linier foot measurement.

Figure 1

Figure 2

In the case of placing a wall unit in the corner of a room, the process is the same.  In this case we want the wall unit to cover 12 feet of one wall and then 8 feet of the other wall for a total of 20 linier feet.

Now the important part: how much money to invest per linier foot.  Because we are a custom manufacturer in the true sense of the word, and design our projects from scratch, we have a great deal of discretion in the type of materials used, the overall look of the project, the amount of millwork used, etc.   Once we know the budgeted figure we can move forward and design the piece.  It is the Budget Figure that will dictate such things as the type of hardware, lighting (if any),  intricate design elements, doors, glass (if any, beveled, flat, etc.), wood, and all other elements used to create your custom, unique piece.  At the Custom Wood Studio Wall units and Home theatres start at $800.00 and can go up as high as $1,250.00 per linier foot.  Use these figures as a guide.   These figures include the design, manufacture and installation of the piece.  There is an additional delivery charge which will be presented on the quotation provided to you.  

Furniture Pieces

The prices of the pieces produced by RV Lorr Custom Wood Studio will vary according to material, style, complexity and size.  

Individual furniture pieces such as, tables, dressers, armoires, etc. can only be priced on an individual bases.  There is no barometer that can be used within this forum to determine price.  Unfortunately, RV Lorr Custom Wood Studio will not take on projects who's total  investment is lower than $2,000.00. 

Quotation Guarantee

Because we work with budgeted figures from the very beginning, the completed design cost presented to the client is absolute and final.  There will be no additional costs added on after the order has been placed unless there are changes specifically requested by the client and the additional monies are agreed upon by both the client and RV Lorr Custom Wood Studio.

Let's Get Started!

When the drawings are presented to the client the client may wish to place the order.  A deposit check of 50% of the quotation value will constitute acceptance.  Once we receive the deposit check your project will be scheduled and placed in the job queue.  The average waiting period is from 3-6 months. The payment schedule after that is as follows: 30% prior to the application of the finish and 20% after installation and/or delivery.